2020-2021 South Park Yearbook - We need YOUR help!

As you take pictures of your kids at South Park during the 2019-2020 school year, please consider submitting to yearbook so we can make sure EVERYBODY is included! 
Especially group shots as we try to include as many kids as possible for all of our events. 
There are two EASY ways to do this:

1) Download the HJ eShare app on your phone (free) and use our code: SPPenguins
Please enter your child’s grade and a brief description of photo (ex: "first day of school", "Halloween", "Bingo Night", etc.).
You do NOT need to list all names of everybody in the shot - just the grade they are in

2) If you are on your computer, you can also email your photos directly to one of our Yearbook coordinators - Andrey Shinkarev at andrsh21@gmail.com
If you email him directly, please just include the grades of the kids in the picture(s) and event name.

The SP Yearbook Committee thanks you for your help & support!

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